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    About us

    Base Camp is situated on a quiet street at the beginning of Bansko. But no, we do not have embroidered tablecloths, orchestras and a traditional Bulgarian barbecue. It is exactly the opposite.
    Base Camp is a place that offers you a pleasant atmosphere, alternative and rock music and prices as any non-resort town. Perhaps that is the reason why our friends and clients, returning here every year, are constantly increasing. For more than ten years the bar has turned into a place where all extreme winter sports fans are gathering here for the opening of the season.
    We never get tired! We can proudly announce that since its opening the bar has not closed even for a day! We work the whole year through and we have different Bulgarian and Foreign bands, DJ’s, theatre formations and all sorts of open minded people with different ideas, escaping the routine. People say it is a rock bar but we don't like being framed so we don't put a label on it.
    We love diversity. That's why here you can hear different styles of music, drink different cocktail everytime and see a lot of people with different interests.
    Come and join us for a drink and we can assure you that unlike many other places we do not separate customers to foreigners, tourists or locals. And no, the fact that the winter season has started already does not mean that our prices are doubled. Come to Tsar Simeon 81 Street and see for yourself!